Central Academy

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Central Academy
Also Known As: The Academy
Terra Casus Academy
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Purpose: Military and Civilian Academy
Controlled By: The Initiative
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The Central Academy, colloquially known as "The Academy", is a military and civilian academy, located on the edge of Terra Casus, on Sanctuary, in the Arc System. It has areas for military cadets and civilian students.


The academy was established at the onset of the War of Secession, as a training center for military officers, just past the south-western edge of the city. The Academy was designed to allow for an easy transition of civilians to military education, and vice versa. This was done partially in order to allow for officers and civilians to gain skills that otherwise might not be within the regular scope of their education, in order to open up new paths and possibilities in their thinking and training.


While most of the civilian-oriented students are organized into classes of varying numbers, military-oriented students are organized into "Test Platoons" which go through the majority of their classes together.

Notable Students