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Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Surface Gravity: 1.1G
Natural Satellites: Arc 2 Prime
Arc 2 Alpha
Arc 2 Bravo
Control: The Initiative
Capitol City: Terra Casus
Interest: Initiative Homeworld
For the ship of the same name, see SFCV Sanctuary.
Mankind always yearned for the stars. We chased them, and found a new world. A home. But it wasn't long before we looked to the sky again.
  — A Small Fiction

Sanctuary was discovered by The Initiative in 2017, and was colonized within the year. It is now the capitol planet, with other planets in the star system inhabited, or at least containing outposts. It is the second planet in the Arc System.


The planets three natural satellites contain numerous observatories, research labs, and other scientific facilities. Atop this, they also contain hidden emplaced defensive systems.

In addition to the natural satellites, two man-made satellites orbit the planet, one of them being the orbital shipyards, that churn out battleships, cruisers, as well as larger escorts, fleet auxiliaries, and troop transports. The other is a orbital platform, that serves as a storage and transfer point for resupplying ships. Fast couriers occasionally transport important items to and from these satellites to be loaded onto downward-bound shuttles, to cut the transit time it would take for a surface vehicle, or an aircraft to transit the long distances.

Orbital Platforms

For more information on orbital platforms, see Sentinel-class Orbital Platform.


Because Sanctuary was the first settled world of the Initiative, its population is the most diverse in terms of traits and cultures drawn directly from various parts of Earth. While many of the towns tend to be influenced in terms of design by the majority of their original settlers, their populations have become less monoculture over time.


Scattered throughout most cities on the planet are anti-orbital railguns, missile silos, and particle beam batteries, with the oldest ones placed during the War of Secession. Every city holds at least one military or military-related outpost, usually comprised of at least a Civil Defense Force barracks and garrison, as do many of the smaller towns along the major transportation routes. Located near every major city and/or spaceport is a System Defense Force and Civil Defense Force air wing, containing aerospace fighters.

Located at naturally fortified locations exist a number of bunkers housing heavy-duty generators for the production of power to run the orbital defensive platforms. Each bunker is capable of running the defensive network at each platforms lowest capacity, with numerous bunkers per quadrant of the network for redundancy. Additionally the majority of natural choke points and carefully engineered bottlenecks fall within range of military bases and outposts to deny easy access by hostile forces in the event of an invasion.


Sanctuary's climate is primarily tropical, though the higher sections are more temperate. Winter on the planet does get cold enough to warrant light snow, but usually is warmer than that. Sections of the planet are desert, or desert-esque.


Noted Inhabitants