M4 Omega

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Mithus 4 Omega
Designations: M4 Omega
Star System: Mithus System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Atmosphere: None
Surface Gravity: 0.18G
Control: The Initiative, Colonial Authority, Space Forces Command
Dominant Species Population: ~14,000
Interest: Mining Colony, De Facto Naval Base

Mithus 4 Omega, often written as M4 Omega, was one of the last of Mithus 4's moons to be surveyed, and only the second moon colonized.


M4 Omega, like M4 Prime, is believed to have been captured from the Mithus asteroid belt. Mithus 4 Omega was first colonized in 2415 CE, the year after M4 Prime, and four years after the rest of the Mithus System. In 2431 CE, when the system market crashed, the market for ores from M4 Prime and M4 Omega disappeared rapidly, and left the two colonies destitute. Furthermore, with the asteroid strike disrupting agriculture on Dwyn, the prices of incoming food and other essentials effectively bankrupted the colonies until the Colonial Authority stepped in and took control of the system in 2434 CE. In exchange for supporting the Space Forces Command fleets, M4 Omega and M4 Prime costs were subsidized by the Authority, with the Authority trading food for the ores required to repair, rearm, and resupply the fleets as needed.