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Designations: Sten 8
Star System: Sten System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Control: The Initiative (Currently)
Sovereign Colonies (Formerly)

Arshile is the 8th planet in the Sten System.


Arshile was surveyed in 2150 CE, and colonized in 2152 CE. The planet was involved in the Sovereign Colonies Conflict of 2237 and 2238 CE. Because of the nature of the sub-aquatic city's utilizing domes for farming, Central Command was forced to deploy members of the Ground Forces Command into the cities, leading to the most intense fighting of the conflict.


Arshile is an oceanic world, with a scattering of small islands. Much of the population is scattered on these islands. The planet's primary settlements are build in sub-aquatic domes centered around islands that are home to the city wind and photovoltaic power plants, spaceports, and communication relays.