Sovereign Colonies Conflict

From Beyond the Frontier
Sovereign Colonies Conflict
Date: November, 2237 CE - August, 2238 CE
Location: Kapu, Alendiel System
Tien, Kyne System
Arshile, Sten System
Outcome: Initiative Victory
The Initiative Sovereign Colonies
First Fleet
Third Fleet
First Division
Second Division
Third Division
Loyalist Elements
System Defense Forces
Civilian System Patrols
Civil Defense Forces
Colonial Militias
TBD Multiple vessels
Civilian Casualties: Several Hundred
Similar Events
Preceded By: War of Secession
Followed By: Heart of Winter Incident

The Sovereign Colonies Conflict was a civil war in The Initiative in the 23rd century against what would become the Talros Theocracy. Within the Theocracy it is known as "The Uprising".


The Sovereign Colonies Conflict began in late 2237 CE, and lasted eight months into the middle of the following year. It was sparked off over a series of oppressive local laws passed over the rise of a new, minor, religion on several outlying colonies. When the central government stepped in to repeal the laws, these colonies attempted to rebel, at which time Central Control ordered the First and Third Fleets to combat the local System Defense Force, and deployed the First, Second, and Third Divisions to restore control of the colonies. After several months of intense fighting, the so-called "Sovereign Colonies" were defeated, with the three divisions remaining in place on the three colonies.

The provisions of the treaty ending the Sovereign Colonies Conflict required all three leading colonies, and all planets in their systems, be demilitarized for the space of a century, as well as give up most self-governance for the same period. The planets would be policed and governed by the Colonial Authority during that time, with an emphasis on drastic changes intended to alter the political and social climates that had led to their rebellions.

In the immediate aftermath of the conflict, combatants from both sides fled the affected star systems. Several of them would settle in the nearby Kalnius System, and form the beginnings of the Talros Theocracy.

Known Battles


When the Initiative consolidated its hold on the former Sovereign Colonies, the three systems directly involved in the conflict were demilitarized. Under the terms of the treaty, vessels flagged to these systems were ineligible for the Civilian System Patrol. In addition to this, the systems were prevented from raising Civil Defense Forces, as well as System Defense Forces. They were garrisoned by members of the Ground Forces Command, as well as having elements from Space Forces Command stationed in the system on rotating postings.