Siege of Arshile

From Beyond the Frontier
Siege of Arshile
Conflict: Sovereign Colonies Conflict
Date: December 7th, 2237 - January 8th, 2238
Location: Arshile, Sten System
Outcome: Initiative Victory
The Initiative Sovereign Colonies
Second Division
Loyalist Forces
Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces
Similar Events
Concurrent To: Siege of Kapu
Siege of Tien

The Siege of Arshile was a month-long building-to-building battle on the planet Arshile.


The Siege of Arshile began in the pre-dawn hours of December 7th, 2237, with several surface teams deployed from orbital warships deactivating the anti-orbital defenses, before an orbital bombardment leveled the remaining orbital defense sites. Immediately afterwards, the surviving ground teams assaulted and captured the spaceports, reinforced by fresh forces from orbit. As soon as the marines controlled the landing fields, members of the Second Division deployed by shuttle to the landing pads, before assaulting the nearby cities.

The next four weeks involved elements of the division combating local-grown militias and members of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces. After the first month, the Second Division began to go house-to-house rounding up remaining members of the SCAF and militia over the next few weeks.

Equipment by Force

Initiative Forces

Second Division

Loyalist Forces

Sovereign Colonies

Civil Defense Force

Sovereign Colonies Militia

  • Armored Exo-Suit (Limited Quantity, Civilian Models)
  • Chemical-propellant Assault Rifles
  • Chemical-propellant Sidearms