Combat Baton

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The Combat Baton, colloquially known as a "zappystick", is a multi-use baton issued to security forces and soldiers within The Initiative.

Design Details

The Combat Baton is a telescoping rod, capable of extending into a short club or a six-foot (1.8 meter) long metal staff. To avoid being broken, the baton is reinforced by synthetic polymers beneath a metal coating, chosen for low weight but their ability to withstand pressure.


At it's core, the Combat Baton houses a high-capacity impact-resistant battery capable of delivering a non-fatal shock to the wielder's opponent, in the hopes of putting them down non-fatally. Furthermore, the ends of the baton are threaded to allow for a variety of attachments, ranging from combat knives to form a basic spear, to lights powered by the battery.

Several years after the baton's release saw the development a short-range, single-shot electric grenade launcher was designed utilizing concepts garnered from World War-era rifle-grenades. This could provide infantry with the ability to conduct short-range bombardment without requiring much additional equipment.


The Combat Baton's original design was first fielded during the War of Secession to provide security forces with a non-lethal option for putting down protesters.