Mark I Armored Personnel Carrier

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Mark I Armored Personnel Carrier
Designation: M1 Armored Personnel Carrier
Manufacturer: The Initiative
Developed From: Stryker / TPz Fuchs
Weight: 19 tons (Mark I)
20 tons (Mark Ia)
Dimensions: Length: 26 Feet
Width: 14 Feet
Height: 9 Feet
Crew: Two (Mark I)
Four (Mark Ia)
Armor: 20mm Composite
Armament: 3x 12.7mm Coilgun (Remote Operated - Military Models Only)
Engine/Power Plant: Antimatter Cell (Later Models)
Speed: 70Mph

The Mark I Armored Personnel Carrier (M1 APC) is the primary infantry carrier used by The Initiative. The M1 APC is used by every branch of the military, as well as many non-military government agencies, to simplify logistics.


Patterned after the American/Canadian Stryker and the German TPz Fuchs, the Mark I Armored Personnel Carrier was initially developed during the War of Secession, but did not see service until nearly the final year of the war. Following the end of the war, a decision was made to make the Mark I Armored Personnel Carrier the standard government vehicle for any situation that it could be adapted for, in order to cut down on logistics and procurement.


The Mark I was initially designed as resembling the TPz Fuchs, in terms of it's armor planing, with a fuel cell akin to that driving other Initiative vehicles. Following the war, the Mark I was converted into a hovercraft by redesigning the sides to slope outwards, and placing vertical fans where the wheels had been, to pressurize the plenum chamber. The interior was widened to accommodate personnel in powered armor, while converting the armor plating to synthetic polymers and ceramics, in order to simultaneously decrease the weight.

The interior of the passenger compartment is filled with ten gel-padded seats to allow personnel to be able to absorb higher acceleration with less injuries in order to avoid injuring personnel on their way to the field or to avoid aggravating existing injuries. Mounted in strips above the seats, as well as at the front of the compartment, are thin screens designed to project exterior views and battlefield information, to allow the personnel inside to keep an eye on the situation outside. The crew compartment is designed for two personnel, one of whom serves as the driver, the other operating the weapons remotely, and radio systems as required.


Mark Ia Command Carrier

The Mark Ia Command Carrier has the majority of the interior replaced in order to accommodate a mobile field command center, to allow for battlefield commanders to accompany their personnel without sacrificing command and control equipment. Externally it is identical to the base Mark I.

Mark Ib Transport

The Mark Ib Transport is a demilitarized version of the Mark I Armored Personnel carrier, lacking offensive capabilities and limited active camouflage. The Mark Ib Transport is typically utilized by government agencies (such as the Interstellar Patrol) for transport of personnel. The Mark Ib's typically retain the mounts for military systems in order to allow for rapid conversion in the event of an emergency. Because of it's non-military status, the Mark Ib's seats are typically smaller due to not needing to accommodate powered armor, while some sub-variants are extended to allow for further carrying capacity.

Mark Ic Armored Personnel Carrier

The Mark Ic Armored Personnel Carrier retains the original wheeled design of the Mark I for areas lacking in atmosphere, atmosphere non-conducive to hovering, or with terrain inhospitable to hovercraft.

Mark Id Transport

Like the Mark Ic Armored Personnel Carrier, the Mark Id Transport maintains the original wheeled chassis, for a variety of situations. However, like the Mark Ib Transport, the Mark Ic is demilitarized, for non-military use.

Mark Ie Ambulance

The Mark Ie is a converted form of the Mark I intended to serve as a military ambulance. It features improved stabilization, in order to avoid aggravating wounds. Like the base class, the Mark Ie is a hovercraft, but lacking the offensive systems, with the excess power being diverted to systems such as life support, and other medical systems.

Mark If Ambulance

The Mark If is a wheeled version of the Mark Ie Ambulance.

Mark Ig Command Carrier

The Mark Ig is a wheeled variant of the Mark Ia Command Carrier.

Mark Ih Ambulance

The Mark Ih is a civilian variant of the Mark Ie, lacking offensive systems and armor plating.

Mark Ii Ambulance

The Mark Ii is a civilian variant of the Mark If, lacking offensive systems and armor plating.

Mark Ik Minelayer

The Mark Ik Minelayer is a wheeled craft, with the passenger compartment converted into mine storage. The Mark Ik has an automated layer that deploys mines based on instructions from the operator, and distributes mines based on called-for density. The Mark Ik is capable of deploying anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and lacks a hovercraft version to avoid disturbing laid mines.