Sten System

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Sten System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Arshile
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: 2150 CE
Colonized: 2152 CE

The Sten System is an inner-colony system, surveyed in late 2150 CE. The system borders the Alendiel System and the Kyne System.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
TBD The Initiative TBD
Alendiel System The Initiative (Current)
Sovereign Colonies (Former)
Kyne System The Initiative (Current)
Sovereign Colonies (Former)

The Sten system has three jump points, all three leading to Initiative-controlled space. All three jump points are orbited by navigational hazard markers due to debris leftover from the Sovereign Colonies Conflict. While much of it has been cleared by Space Forces Command's engineers, some remains due various difficulties in removing/salvaging the debris ranging from size issues (either too large to be easily moved or too small to be detected) to unstable debris that would fragment if any effort to move it was made.

Orbiting Bodies

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Sten One

Sten One actually refers to a pair of binary dwarf planets. Because of their close proximity to the star, they're uninhabitable, and are considered too hot and resource poor for exploitation.


Main article: Arshile

Arshile is an oceanic planet, settled in 2152 CE. It was the first oceanic world settled by the Initiative. It was involved in the Sovereign Colonies Conflict.

System Defense Force

Main article: System Defense Force

After the Sten System Defense Force was decimated in the Sovereign Colonies Conflict, with the system being disarmed until the mid-2230s. Even after the restrictions lifted, the system's defense force was not rebuilt for several more decades.