Alendiel System

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Alendiel System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Kapu
Controlled By: The Initiative (Currently)
Sovereign Colonies (Formerly)
Surveyed: 2149 CE
Colonized: 2151 CE

The Alendiel System is a outer system nearer the edge of The Initiative. Alendiel borders the Kyne System, and the Sten System, both systems having been involved in the Sovereign Colonies Conflict.


The Alendiel System was first surveyed in 2149 CE, before being formally colonized in 2151 CE, when the first colonists landed on the desert world of Kapu. The system was largely a backwater with little notice from many other systems until 2229 CE, when new religious movement began on the planet, leading to a series of draconian policies. In 2237 CE, after the Senate of the Initiative stepped in to halt these policies, Alendiel, along with the Sten and Kyne Systems announced themselves to be in rebellion, leading to the Sovereign Colonies Conflict, which lasted until 2238 CE. Following the end of the conflict, the Alendiel System was under the control of the Colonial Authority for a century, leading to a great deal of economic growth in the system. The system has largely remained out of the public notice in the centuries since.

Jump Points

Name Control Travel Time Notes
Kyne The Initiative TBD
Sten The Initiative TBD
TBD The Initiative TBD

The Alendiel System is home to a trio of jump of jump points. Two of the jump points lead towards the Kyne and Sten systems, while the third heads towards the core of Initiative space.


Alendiel 1

As a rocky planet with no atmosphere and lacking in minerals, Alendiel 1 is uninhabited and unnamed.

Alendiel 2

Alendiel 2 is a small rocky planetoid, home to several rather rich mines and a small shipyard for civilian use. With a population of four thousand, Alendiel 2 is considered being almost uninhabited.


Main article: Kapu

Kapu is a desert world, known for the amount of rare metals mined on the world. It's also home to a number unique plantlife that is utilized in medicine.

System Defense Force

The Alendiel System Defense Force is comprised of a pair of destroyers and three corvettes, backed by a meager Civilian System Patrol.