Kyne System

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Kyne System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Tien
Controlled By: The Initiative (Currently)
Sovereign Colonies (Formerly)
Surveyed: 2102 CE
Colonized: 2109 CE

The Kyne System is a core system of The Initiative, colonized during the second wave of colonization.


The Kyne System was surveyed in 2102 CE, with the main planet, Tien, being colonized in 2109 CE. Because of the mineral richness of the system, and number of ideal jump paths the system boasts, it was expected to become an industrial, colonial, and trading hub.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Alendiel System The Initiative TBD


Kyne One

Kyne One is a small, dead, lifeless planetoid barely larger than Luna. It has a large elliptical orbit around the star, it's average "year" is actually roughly three solar years long. It's a minerally rich planet, with mining going on on the planet all year round, though ships are unable to land on the planet for four months during one of the planet's years because of its proximity to the star.


Main article: Tien

Tien is a garden world, with a high population despite the restrictions concerning city planning. Because of it's location in the galaxy, Tien is home to a inordinate amount of industry, used to support systems further out from the core worlds.

Kyne Three

Kyne Three is a gas giant, home to some gas harvesting operations. Largely it is ignored, though.

Kyne Four

Kyne Four is a Mars-like planet, home to a number of mining and manufacturing sites. Because of it's distance from the star, it is a cold and unpleasant world, without a large permanent population.

System Defense Force

For more information on System Defense Forces, see System Defense Force.

While the restrictions of the treaty that ended the Sovereign Colonies Conflict have expired, the residents of the Kyne System never saw fit to establish a new system defense force.

Civilian System Patrol

For more information on Civilian System Patrols, see Civilian System Patrol.

Because of the Kyne System's large amount of civilian traffic, much of the system's security is handled by the Civilian System Patrol (CSP), which is primarily chasing smugglers.

Notable Inhabitants