David Zastor

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Corporal David Zastor
Name: David Zastor
Rank: Corporal,
Spaceborne Infantry - Space Forces Command
Position: Marine Detachment,
SFCV Sandstorm (FF1-21)
Species: Transhuman (H+), Male
Born: June 23rd, 2472,
Tien, Kyne System
Out of Character Information
Status: Active
Player: Kingflute
Affiliation: Space Forces Command, SFCV Sandstorm (FF1-21)

Corporal David Zastor (SFC) is a member of the spaceborne infantry detachment aboard the SFCV Sandstorm (FF1-21).

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'8" (172.72 CM)
  • Weight: -
  • Eye Colour: -
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Hair Style: Military cut
  • Other: Albino, with scars from implant surgery.


  • Primary: Home schooled by off-duty military personnel
  • Secondary: Phoenix Military Academy
  • Military:
    • Basic: Aesgard Military Depot
    • Advanced: Soldat-Tor (PO1-06)


  • Mother: Second Lieutenant Jane Zastor, Ground Forces Command
    • Platoon leader, 7th Division
  • Father: Captain Ali Zastor, Space Forces Command Spaceborne Infantry
    • Detachment Commander, Spaceborne Infantry

Career History

  • Basic Training, Aesgard Military Depot
    • 1st July 2490 to 12th December 2492
  • Spaceborne Infantry Detachment, SFCV Sanctuary (CV01-02)
    • 3rd January 2493 to 18th March 2497
  • Spaceborne Infantry Detachment, SFCV Sandstorm (FF1-21)
    • 31st March 2497 to Present

Effective Dates of Promotion

  • Inactive.png - Recruit: 1st July, 2490
  • Inactive.png - Private Second Class: 12th December, 2492
  • Inactive.png - Corporal: 24th, October, 2495 (Battlefield Promotion)

Military Awards and Decorations

  • Awarded Orbital Drop Badge (bronze) November 2492
  • Awarded Deep Space Service Ribbon February 2493


Grew up in a military family and "adopted" by the Marines of Land Based Trialing Site Ali was assigned to. Found transitioning to life at Phoenix easier than many of his peers and supported many of them through the transition to military life. David passed his final exams at Phoenix with flying colours. At Aesgard MD, became de-facto leader of his training platoon and recognized as the training center marksman in both years. Became romantically involved with a SFC Warfare branch recruit called Taryn Cooper which re-flares every time they are at the same place. Fought many boarding actions against pirates and smugglers, including a nearly disastrous assault on a pirate controlled space station, that lead to his being field promoted to Corporal.

Personality Traits

David considers himself capable of being a part of any military operation. He will not shoot unarmed civilians or surrendered combatants unless they are directly threatening someone else's life. David doesn't think that he can change the universe - just the little bit around him.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Qualifications:
    • marksmanship
    • orbital drops
    • space-born breaching
    • CQC
    • low and zero gravity operations
  • Determinedly not good at:
    • long distance running
    • talking to civilians