System Defense Force

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System Defense Force
Size: 4 - 20 Vessels (Average)
Parent Unit: Central Command
Established: 2020 CE (as Planetary Defense Force)
2025 (as System Defense Force)
Status: Active

The System Defense Force (SDF) is a series of flotillas restricted primarily to their home systems to serve as self-defense force, in addition to assisting civilian vessels in distress within each force's area of operations. Furthermore, each local SDF oversees and trains the local Civilian System Patrols (CSP). Each system within The Initiative is responsible for fielding and maintaining it's own vessels, while the Colonial Authority provides such services for poorer, or less developed systems that are incapable of fielding their own forces.

The largest vessel typically operated by a System Defense Force is typically a light cruiser, though some systems (such as the Arc System) field a carrier or two.


The first System Defense Force (SDF) was created in 2025 CE, near the middle of the War of Secession, to defend the Arc System against the United Earth Fleet. It's original officers were drawn from the Planetary Defense Force, which had become too spread between space and land to be considered effective. When the war ended, many of the SDF's vessels were mothballed, or put into service as couriers between new colonies.

Following the rise of civilian shipping, however, came the rise of piracy. Many of the newly colonized systems were plagued by pirates, which the Space Forces Command's fleets were able to curtail to some extent. However, in an effort to prevent the pirates from being able to gain a foothold, many systems began to form their own SDFs, in order to prevent pirates from disrupting shipping.

Notable System Defense Forces

  1. Arc System Defense Force
    • Notable for being the first system defense force created.
  2. Mithus System Defense Force
    • Notable for their efforts in restoring order in 2431 CE after disaster struck Dwyn causing chaos in the entire Mithus System.