Siege of Kapu

From Beyond the Frontier
Siege of Kapu
Conflict: Sovereign Colonies Conflict
Date: December 10th, 2237 - December 14th, 2237
Location: Kapu, Alendiel System
Outcome: Initiative Victory
The Initiative Sovereign Colonies
Third Division
Loyalist Elements
Renegade Civil Defense Force Elements
Local Militia
Eighty Killed in Action
One-hundred Wounded in Action
Nine-hundred Killed in Action
Two Thousand Captured
Unknown Number Captured
Civilian Casualties: Unknown
Similar Events
Concurrent To: Siege of Tien
Siege of Arshile

The Siege of Kapu was one of the major battles of the Sovereign Colonies Conflict.


The Siege of Kapu began in the early hours of December 10th, 2237, after the Third Fleet had crippled, destroyed, or captured the renegade portions of the System Defense Force and the Civilian System Patrol in orbit. Four fully-loaded Dragoon-class Assault Transports were called in to deploy members of the 3rd Division to the planet to combat the ill-equipped Sovereign Colonies Militia, backed by portions of the planetary Civil Defense Force. A portion of the division dropped into the governmental plaza, capturing the governmental complex and surrounding area rapidly. The members of 3rd Division dug in, as the division's heavy weapons and vehicles were ferried down. After linking up with loyalist elements in the capitol city, the division began engaging rebel elements around key portions of the city's infrastructure. Because of the nesscecity of these portions of the infrastructure, the on-scene commander was unwilling to turn his unit's artillery against it, preferring to engage in a war of attrition.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the planet, other portions of the division dropped onto the outskirts of bases held by renegade elements. Using pinpoint bombardments from orbit, the defenses of these sites were quickly overcome, and by the end of the evening many of these sites had fallen to Initiative forces.

Equipment by Force

Initiative Forces

Third Division

Loyalist Forces

Third Fleet

Sovereign Colonies

Civil Defense Force

Sovereign Colonies Militia

  • Armored Exo-Suit (Limited Quantity, Civilian Models)
  • Chemical-propellant Assault Rifles
  • Chemical-propellant Sidearms