Central Control

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Central Control
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Units: Central Command, Multiple
Status: Active
Activated: April 11th, 2020 CE
Preceded By: Colonial Facilities

Central Control (sometimes called merely "Central" or "Central Command") is the governmental and military headquarters for The Initiative.


As the military and governmental needs of The Initiative began to outgrow the previous structures within the city of Terra Casus, a search began for a new location to construction a headquarters complex. Construction on Central Control began in 2020 CE, in the mountains a little under five kilometers north of Terra Casus on Sanctuary, at a site overlooking a river valley.


The entrance to Central Control is located on a plateau located at the base of a chain of mountains, accessible by road and magrail from the city. This plateau was largely designed as a training center, motor vehicle depot, and shuttleport, with stone walls constructed around the perimeter.

However, beneath this and the mountains behind them, a warren of tunnels was excavated, with barracks, laboratories, offices, archives, and a variety of other facilities being constructed, including a fully functional military hospital.


Central Control has a number of anti-orbital sites located around it, connected via subterranean tunnel, overland road, or by short shuttle flight, in order to draw fire away from the site should it come under attack. Within Central Control is housed several companies of Ground Forces Command (GFC) forces, drawn from experienced and elite units.