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Star System: Etrusc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Control: The Initiative (nominal)
Capitol City: Veii
Dominant Species Population: 8,000

The planet of Teresh is the largest, and only inhabitable, planet within the Etrusc System, located on one of the furthest frontiers of space colonized by The Initiative, and is nominally under their control, although actual governance is large localized. While officially colonized, the world has only one permanent settlement, Veii, located deep in the jungles of one of the planets three major landmasses, nestled into a volcanic ridge, though numerous smaller, temporary scientific and mining outposts exist scattered across the continents.


The planet Teresh was first surveyed in 2475 CE, but would only be colonized in 2495 CE, though to this day no official efforts have been made to colonize the planet, and the colony is regarded as an independent colony effort without the support or guidance of the Colonial Authority. In more research years, the planet has gained some level of notoriety as an outpost for smugglers and pirates, as well as gained some interest for the presence of rare elements deeper within the crust.