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Designations: Arc 7a
Star System: Arc System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Natural Satellites: Tyr (Binary Planet)
Control: The Initiative
Capitol City: Ilia
Dominant Species Population: ~37,000
Interest: Industrial Area

Ares is the seventh planet in the Arc System, and is a binary planet with Tyr. Both planets are major industrial hubs for the system, serving as shipbuilding facilities due to their wealth of resources. Furthermore, their proximity to the military headquarters at Sanctuary, as well as the Loki Anchorage, ensures that many of contracts coming to the shipyards and industrial centers are military contracts.

Ares is a largely ice-covered planet, with the planetary population centered around a handful of domed, subterranean, cities. Much of the resource exploitation on the planet is handled by automated systems capable of surviving the inhospitable cold.


Ares was first colonized in 2031 CE, during the War of Secession. Ares are colonized primarily for it's mineral richness, and proximity to the military staging point of the Loki Anchorage. While originally inhabited almost exclusively by military personnel and civilian contractors, the planet soon took on large numbers of civilian inhabitants. The planet's subterranean cities expanded far and wide, with many becoming abandoned as the inhabitants moved on to new colonies, the facilities mothballed in case of later need.

Ares, as an ice planet, is home to several extreme winter sports centers, and has since become something of a tourist destination.

Notable Inhabitants