Viktor Thrym

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Viktor Thrym
Name: Viktor Leo Thym
Species: Metahuman (H=), Male
Born: April 25th, 2440,
Ares, Arc System
Out of Character Information
Affiliation: Ground Forces Command, Ranger Exploration Corps, Civil Defense Force, Civilian System Patrol

Viktor Thrym is a former member of the armed forces of The Initiative.

Physical Description

  • Height: 224cm (7'4")
  • Weight: 180 kg (400 lbs)
  • Eye Colour: Light blue, one white from scar
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Hair Style: Swept back



  • Mother: Hilda Thrym
    • Former bio-engineering scientist
  • Father: Ulfgar Thrym (Deceased)
    • former architect
  • Children: Amilia Rosendrome (godchild)

Career History

  • Trainee, Aesgard Military Depot
    • 26th of September 2458 to 1st of February 2460
  • First division, First Mobile Infantry Regiment
    • 15th of November 2460 to 23rd of April 2475
  • Trainee, Aesgard Ranger Training Center
    • 21st of March 2477 to 1st of December 2478
  • Weapons Expert, 1st Ranger Expeditionary Company
    • 2nd of January 2478 to 19th of April 2484 (retired)
  • Sanctuary Civilian System Patrol
    • 29th of October 2485 to 2495
  • Ares Civil Defense Force
    • 9th of April 2495 - present

Effective Dates of Promotion

  • Ground Forces Command
    • Inactive.png - Recruit: 15th of November 2460
    • Inactive.png - Private: 2462
    • Inactive.png - Corporal: 2466
    • Inactive.png - Sergeant: 2469
  • Ranger exploration corps
    • Inactive.png - Recruit: 2478
    • Inactive.png - Junior ranger: 2480
    • Inactive.png - Ranger: 2482
  • Civil Defense Force
    • Inactive.png - Recruit: 2495
    • Inactive.png - Private: 2497
    • Inactive.png - Corporal: 2500


Viktor Thrym, a genetically altered infant to save from a birth defect threatening his life. He was raised on the planet Ares where he grew up with his two parents, whom he loved dearly and respected. Growing up it was apparent he was not like others, posing a big stature at an early age and showing great physical strength and endurance. He was raised with stories and old tales of knights who fought for honour, glory and justice, as well as the old norse tales, which his heritage relates to. He's always had an idea of being a good person, a trusting friend and not one to back down from a fight to protect his friends if the need arouse. He was given a nickname "The lion" for his reminiscence of a fairy tale knight.

When he turned eighteen he decided he do the world some good and join the Aesgard military depot as a recruit. Excelling in the physical requirement of it but usually having issues with anything for his size he graduated and joined the grounds force command's first mobile division, where he met Rachel Rosendrome, an engineer and a trusted friend who even made Viktor the godfather of her daughter later in life.

Throughout his years he has been apart of a couple of branches and has served dutifully, always seeking things to do, battles to win and friends to make

Personality Traits

Viktor is a caring person, always sticking out for his friends. He will not stand bullying or stand idly by while those weaker are being down trodden. He is quick to anger and irritate since childhood but has since then been able to control himself, most of the time. He is generally perceived as a rather happy and boisterous old man he sees little in not enjoying life to the fullest.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Martial arts
  • Use of most forms of firearms and power armor
  • Basic driving vehicles
  • Use of melee weapons (combat knives etc.)
  • Ranger space shuttles
  • General survival skills and cooking

He doesn't like using firearms when not necessary, using more of his skill in hand to hand combat with any melee weapon or anything in that regard. Few match Viktor's raw strength, endurance and toughness but that is not to say he can not be out skilled, he however is very skilled in hand to hand combat.