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Designations: Durga One
Star System: Durga System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Inhabitable
Surface Gravity: 0.98G
Control: The Initiative
Capitol City: Dismas
Dominant Species Population: 1.2 Million
Interest: Farm Colony

Aella, in the Durga System, is a a fourth-wave colony system settled in 2401 CE. Because of it's location in the goldilocks zone in the Durga system, it is capable of sustaining life on the surface, though no intelligent life has been found on the planet at this time.

Aella's largest industry is the farming of native crops, with limited manufacturing capability to handle farming byproducts (such as synthetic oils from plants), and manufacturing new machinery such as farming machinery. It provides a majority of the food for it's cluster, and ships a great deal back to the core worlds. A great deal of the ores for the manufacturing industry come from the offworld asteroid mines, such as Pedras.

Aella is considered a T-type (Terran-type) planet, akin to Earth and Sanctuary. It is significantly smaller than Earth, but has a denser core giving it a surface gravity 0.98 that of Earth.


For more information, see Aella Civil Defense Force.

Aella maintains three full regiments as a Civil Defense Force, plus a Air Defense Wing, in addition to couple of Ground Forces Command forts used for the training and garrisoning of forces. Because of the lack of other inhabitable planets, Aella's third regiment is scattered across the Durga system in various stations and mines, such as on Pedras.

Notable Inhabitants