Durga System

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Durga System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Aella, Pedras
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: 2196 CE
Colonized: 2401 CE

The Durga System is a relatively undeveloped star system on one of the edges of The Initiative's space. The sole inhabited planet of the system is Aella, which serves as a major food producer for the local star cluster. Furthermore, Durga is home to a number of off world mining bases, as well as two sizable asteroid belts. Because of the uninhabitable nature of most of the rocks in the system, only the inhabited planet has a name, with the rest having been assigned categorical numbers. The one exception to this is Pedras, a super-large asteroid or small dwarf planet with a mine located within one of the asteroid belts that serves as a major hub for mining operations.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Charyn System The Initiative ~11 days, 2 hours - ~12 days, 11 hours No additional jump exits at Charyn.
Sojourn System The Initiative/Empire of Tensa 6 Days, 11 hours to 8 days, 16 hours Border System
TBD The Initiative TBD

The Durga star system is home to three jump points. Durga borders a section of space between arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is theorized that there may be a fourth jump point leading between the arms of the galaxy from Durga, but that it is currently inaccessible with current Point Singularity Drive technology.
All three of Durga's accessible, known jump points lead to stars colonized by the Initiative.


The Durga Star System was first surveyed in 2196 CE by the Ranger Exploration Corps. However, because of it's relative distance to the core worlds, and the lack of inhabitable planets beyond Aella, it wouldn't be colonized until mid-2401 CE.

The star system had a relatively peaceful start, without any notable issues until 2483 CE, when one of the main drives of a mobile mining platform suffered a catastrophic malfunction. The destruction of the engine ripped a massive hole in the hull of the mining platform, and caused the vessel to collide with the asteroid mine, Pedras, it was about to conduct dock with. In told, 267 of the 300 passengers and crew were killed either from the blast, the collision, or the resulting damage before help arrived from the Colonial Security Force's system patrol and other civilian vessels. The death toll aboard Pedras was another one-hundred and three.

Notable Inhabitants