Eusebia Roa

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Eusebia Roa
Name: Eusebia Roa
Alias: Chevy
Species: Human, Female
Born: June 15, 2477,
Pedras XIII Substation, Durga System
Out of Character Information
Status: Active
Player: Molly
Avatar: Hilda Luna

Eusebia "Chevy" Roa is assigned to the Expedition.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 122 Lbs
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Hair Style: Long, wavy, often worn back


  • Primary: Pedras Unified
    • 2482 - 2489
  • Secondary: Pedras Unified
    • 2089 - 2495
  • Post Secondary Education: Pedras Technical College
    • 2497 - 2503
  • Other Education: EMT Training, Pedras Technical College
    • 2500


  • Father: Ignacio Luna, Mining Supervisor
  • Mother: Maria Luna, deceased, Mining Platform Accident, 2483
  • Pet: Skit the Kit!

Career History

  • Pedras XIII Asteroid Mine
    • Mining Engineer
    • Mineral Process Engineer


Born on the satellite station that serves as a port for an asteroid mining settlement, Chevy hasn't known anything else in her life. Yes, she knows there is more out there -- who doesn't -- but has only seen planets and such in vids, and the only vegetation is in pots or big rooms dedicated to gardens. And while she hates mining, hates being in the asteroid and working in the rock, she figured out early that that was her ticket off the place. Part of her aversion to the whole Durga System and mining was an accident with one of the platforms when she was just a kid that killed her mother. But then, even without that, who the hell in their right mind would want to live their lives out in this place?

After finishing the cursory schooling, she enrolled in a technical program, hoping that once she finished she would be able to find her way off Pedras and into the big wide Universe. And as a way of not actually working the mines, she got her EMT certificate, so her assignment is in the clinic, which allows her to study as she doles out Bandaids!

In the mean time, she made a reputation for herself as a bit of a hot-headed trouble maker, quick to temper, willing to try anything at least once. And recently, her father has decided that she needs to be married to mellow her out and control her. That is her motivation to 'jump ship' early and run before she is tied down and stuck!

Personality Traits

Chevy has always been one to push the limits, willing to try anything once and wanting to do for herself. She is nearly fearless, although as she's gotten older she has become more sensible. She is fiercely independent, and is strong-willed, and outgoing. She has a wry sense of humor and likes to make people laugh when she can. Not one to back down from a fight, she will stick up for herself and the underdog, and make sure that bullies leave her alone.

Skills and Qualifications

While Chevy has yet to complete her actual full degree, she is close to finishing her education in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing. She also has her Emergency Medical Technician certificate.