Jormungand-class Mobile Mining Platform

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Class Overview
Name: Jormungand-class Mobile Mining Platform
Designation: MMP
Manufacturer: Dragos Industrial Concern, The Initiative
Decommissioned: 8
Destroyed: >1
Technical Specifications
Function: Mobile Mining Platform
Size: 716 Meters
84 Meters
32 Meters
Standard Complement: 300 - 500
Hull: Titanium Alloy
Auxiliary Craft: 10x Porter-class Shuttles (Civilian Variant)
4x Titan-class Heavy Lift Shuttle (Civilian Variant)
I have devoured five continents. I have slurped three oceans dry. The vast sky alone remains alone out of my long reach, for I am trapped in this body which lacks wings, hands and feet. I am the world serpent. I am Jormungand.
  — Jormungand

The Jormungand-class Mobile Mining Platform is a class of civilian mobile resource extractors for harvesting asteroids. While a government-developed design, most vessels of the class in operation were built by Dragos Industrial Concern.


The Jormungand-class Mobile Mining Platform was designed by Chiyo Amagatsu in 2086 CE, with the intention of being used to harvest remote or small asteroids not worth constructing a mining base at. In the late 2100s, the class received major upgrades to implement the latest technological advancements.


Jormungand (sometimes written Jörmungandr or Jörmungand), sometimes called the Midgard Serpent, is the name of the World Serpent in Norse Mythology, who lived in the ocean surrounding the world, and grew to be so large that he could wrap his tail around the world.

Base Specifications


  • Length: 716 Meters
  • Beam: 84 Meters
  • Draft: 32 Meters
  • Decks: 8

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: Ten
  • Standard: Three-hundred to Five-hundred
  • Maximum: Two thousand (Includes conversion of cargo hold for passengers)


Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor
  • Secondary: Photovoltaic Cells

Hull Composition

  • Hull Plating: Titanium Composite Alloy
  • Armor Plating: Ablative Ceramic Plating

Sensor Systems


Defensive Systems

  • Composite Armor
  • Close in Weapons System
  • Shield Generator


  • (12) Dual-barreled Coilgun Batteries (Defensive Orientation)

Auxiliary Craft

Other Systems

  • Fuel Refinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Mineral Refining Equipment
  • Parts Fabrication

Deck Listings

  • Deck 1: Coilgun Battery & Magazine, Bridge, Officer Cabins, Lounge
  • Deck 2: Crew Cabins, Mess Hall, Medical Bay, Recreation Area
  • Deck 3: Observation Deck, Recreation Area, Crew Cabins, Equipment Storage
  • Deck 4: Fuel Refinery, Engine Compartment (Upper Half)
  • Deck 5: Fabricated Parts Storage, Parts Fabrication Compartment, Main Engineering Compartment, Engine Compartment (Lower Half)
  • Deck 6: Hangar Bay (Upper Half), Ore Processing (Outbound) Ore Storage Upper half)
  • Deck 7: Hangar Bay (Lower Half), Ore Processing (Inbound), Ore Storage (Lower Half)
  • Deck 8: Coilgun Battery & Magazine, Supply Storage

Known Vessels