Raiden McCallister

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Raiden McCallister
Name: Raiden Lee McCallister
Position: Researcher,
Military Arms Research Service (MARS)
Species: Human (H), Male
Born: June 15th, 2475,
Ares, Arc System
Out of Character Information
Status: PCNPC
Player: JettaWindstar
Affiliation: Military Arms Research Service (MARS)

Raiden McCallister is a researcher with the Military Arms Research Service.

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 189 Lbs
  • Eye Colour: Hazel - Steel Grey
  • Hair Colour: Natural Light Blonde, Dyed Silver
  • Hair Style: short and and spiky, a tad on the shaggy side


  • Primary: Public School on Ares (2480 - 2484)
  • Secondary: Private School on Ares - Technology Focus (2488 - 2492)
  • Post Secondary Education:
    • Central Military Academy, Sanctuary - Class of 2497
    • Advanced Technical Training, Aurora Naval Base 2497-2501


  • Father: Connor McCallister
  • Mother: Venice McCallister
  • Brother: Jason Bryant McCallister (Fraternal Twin)
  • Sister: Kaitlyn Rhea McCallister


Raiden was always interested in a few different areas regarding science: engineering, hacking, programming, and tinkering with weapons. Even in his earliest days of school, he had a knack for computers and tinkering. He picked up his knack for hacking out of boredom and to make projects at school easier in the long run. He liked drones and artificial intelligence ever since he was a kid.

Naturally being the smartest of the three siblings, computer lingo and coding became second nature to Raiden. He’s also quite fascinated with artificial intelligence and occasionally works on projects regarding AI, drones and automated systems. Weapons designing is yet another thing he enjoys.

After graduating, he met a seasoned engineer that worked in MARS and became intrigued by their role after some discussion and lots of questions from an intrigued Raiden. This acquaintance offered him a way into the program as a civilian because of MARS consisting of mostly civilian operatives. 99% of their projects were funded by the military, which perked Raiden’s interest immediately when weapons were mentioned. They needed a project specialist that enjoyed working around ‘sensitive’, sometimes classified equipment, not just computers and electronics used on ships. Many of the projects Raiden started out with were weapons that would be used by military forces or for ships.

Raiden befriended his new mentor, and they worked together for about four years until he mastered his own projects and could handle everything by himself without approval from a higher ranking civilian monitoring him every step of the way. It seemed like a long process, but he knew what he was getting into.

He travels for work fairly often, unless it’s to see family, which happens once in a great while. Raiden dedicates his energy to MARS and his recent interactions with ISS, which his sister Kaitlyn also works for. They keep in touch when needed for family and their job’s sake, so it turns out to be a good deal for Raiden, who is a little more sociable than his fraternal twin brother.

Since Raiden primarily does a lot of R&D and various projects, he stops by headquarters on Sanctuary only when requested to report at a specific time. Jason reports to Sanctuary more often than he does, but if they happen to cross paths, Jason is usually the first to find out and reaches out to him whenever possible. They are pretty close as brothers, but communication is a little tough when Jason travels. Per request, he’s sent to a few places, such as the Aurora Naval base for projects regarding automated technology, but primarily stays on Charadan for most of his projects. Unless specifically ordered to do so, he stays put at whatever place he’s currently doing research. He’s visited Sanctuary and the Aurora Naval base a couple times each after being signed off to work on his own, for a different flavor in projects.

Personality Traits

Born within seconds of Jason, Raiden and Jason can tend to act fairly similarly. They are by no means polar opposites. They think a lot alike and if they’re ever together, they often finish each other’s sentences. Raiden tends to be more sociable than Jason. He knows when to be serious, but is much more relaxed over all. Behavior wise, they are different, but have some similarities. Though more sociable, both are introverts and tend to be quiet. When focused on a task or stressed out, Raiden will go into fairly serious do-not-disturb modes.

When working on a more time consuming project, you won’t see much of him, and this is when his tendency to be an introvert kicks in. He loves to get out and have fun when not on the job though, whereas Jason is content focusing on his missions. Raiden is generally more approachable than Jason over all, but both guys are pretty easy to like. Raiden has more of a hacker’s mind, the geeky type. He never favored starting his career with the military even though he could have, and that’s his personal preference. He is closer to his sister than Jason too, because their roles are fairly similar.

Raiden values communication, and it ties in with his roles as liaison with the ISS.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Programming – he is quite comfortable with technology, and is also good with electronic communication
  • Hacking – sometimes he will delve into hacking skills to get a job done or seek information he needss
  • Weapons designing and modifying/tinkering