Aurora Naval Base

From Beyond the Frontier
Aurora Naval Base
Location: Mavi Adalar, Sanctuary, Arc System
Status: Active
Activated: 2067 CE

The Aurora Naval Base (ANB) was activated in 2067 CE to serve the Sanctuary Civil Defense Force's naval contingent.


Prior to 2067 CE, all the Civil Defense Force's operations had been operating out of the Terra Casus Naval Station (TCNS), which was proving to be insufficient for continual use, as well as a less-than-ideal place for the storage of the Civil Defense Force's sea-borne munitions on the edge of a major city.

The decision to establish the Aurora Naval Base on an island several kilometers off the coast of Tukaso, far to the east of Terra Casus was considered in 2061 CE, with construction beginning the next year. However, with the end of the War of Secession, it was considered a low-priority project, and was allowed to drag out over several years. When the base was activated in 2067, the Civil Defense Force moved it's naval contingent to the base. This contingent was responsible for safeguarding fishing vessels, as well as private and commercial pleasure vessels, and research vessels.

At the Aurora Naval Base were also based a number of vessels intended to carry ground contingents, in order to provide a mobile base for them, and keep them mobile in the event of an attack on the planet.


Aurora Naval Training Cadre

The Aurora Naval Training Cadre (ANTC), formerly the Terra Casus Naval Training Cadre (TCNTC), was established in order to train members of the Sanctuary Civil Defense Force how to operate wet-navy vessels used to stage units out at sea. The ANTC specializes in training the wet-navy members of the CDF to operate their vessels, and survive out at sea for extended operations.

Aurora Replenishment Squadron

The Aurora Replenishment Squadron is a squadron of support vessels intended to resupply vessels out at sea, allowing them to remain on station longer in the event of an emergency.


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  • 4th Armored Battalion, 6th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Sanctuary Civil Defense Force
  • 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 6th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Sanctuary Civil Defense Force
  • 10th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 7th Regiment, 4th Brigade, Sanctuary Civil Defense Force
  • 8th Squadron, 1st Air Defense Wing, Sanctuary Civil Defense Force