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Location: Sanctuary, Arc System
Population: ~932,000
Status: Active
Founded: 2020 CE
For the vessel of the same name, see SFCV Tukaso.

Tukaso is a regional capitol on Sanctuary, serving as a major space and naval port.


Founded in 2020 CE, Tukaso was chosen for it's seaside location, as well as it's proximity to a coastal mountain chain rich in valuable resources. The city serves as a civilian naval and spaceport, located approximately 1/3rd of the way across the globe from Terra Casus. The city would be the namesake of one of the Swordsman-class cruisers destroyed during the War of Secession, the SFCV Tukaso (C3).

The city became known for it's technological research facilities, and for being home to more artistic and creative personalities.


  • Jacobs University
  • SFCV Tukaso (C3) Museum


For more information on the Civil Defense Force units stationed in the city, see Sanctuary Civil Defense Force.