Military Arms Research Service

From Beyond the Frontier
Military Arms Research Service
Headquarters: Central Control, Sanctuary, Arc System
Language(s): Common
Founded: February 1st, 2034 CE
Status: Active
Predecessor(s): Colonial Armed Forces Research Teams

The Military Arms Research Service (MARS) is the agency in charge of military research and development within The Initiative.


The Military Arms Research Service (MARS) was established in 2034 CE, to take over from the scattered and disjointed research and development teams of the war-time Initiative, to bring them into a single organization. MARS would be instrumental in developing or co-developing with civilian companies many of the technologies that allowed humanity to spread throughout the galaxy, in developing the energy shielding cutting down on the number of enmeshment incidents a year, to the artificial gravity used on most vessels.


In addition to serving as the military's research and development wing, MARS serves to oversee civilian research and development, in an effort to avoid disasters. The major research bases and satellites typically have a MARS scientific research contingent as well as an armed military detachment to back up any decisions made by the military scientists in the event of a disaster.


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