Charyn System

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Charyn System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Charadan
Controlled By: Central Command, The Initiative
Surveyed: 2203 CE
Colonized: 2251 CE

The Charyn System, or sometimes the "Charyn Special Zone" is a military-restricted system of The Initiative.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Durga System The Initiative ~11 days, 2 hours - ~12 days, 11 hours

The Charyn system is located at the end of a series of jump points, with only one exit in or out of the system. The orbital platform Steintor (PO1-05) orbits the sole jump point in or out, providing a security checkpoint for any vessels entering the system. As a result of it's extremely limited jump points, Charyn has no civilian traffic coming to it except for traffic destined for Charadan.


The Charyn System was first surveyed in 2203 CE by the Ranger Exploration Corps. However, because of it's unique circumstances of having a single true planet, not being located in part of a commercial shipping route, and being a dead-end for the Point Singularity Drive, it was considered an ideal planet for a military testing ground. The first military outpost was constructed in 2209 CE, with Steintor (P1-05) being constructed over Charadan in 2251 CE.

Shortly after the Charadan was colonized, civilian traffic was restricted from the system, with only emergency cases or CAMFA couriers being allowed to dock at Steintor. Over the years there have been a number of rumors about events in the classified system, including the construction of a Last Exile-class Dreadnought, and numerous pirate skirmishes.



Main article: Charadan

Charadan is the sole planet in the Charyn System, and is utilized by the military for classified or large-scale projects that could negatively impact colonized worlds and systems.

System Defense Force

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Without any civilian-occupied worlds or industry in the system, Charyn's security is provided by one of several squadrons from the Space Forces Command that are rotated through on a yearly basis.