Aradesh System

From Beyond the Frontier
Aradesh System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Controlled By: Interstellar Patrol, The Initiative
Surveyed: 2103 CE
Colonized: 2104 CE

The Aradesh System is a bypassed star system within the borders of The Initiative, notable for having no planets.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Kyne System The Initiative ~11 Hours - ~21 Hours
Charyn System The Initiative ~11 days, 2 hours - ~12 days, 11 hours No additional jump exits at Charyn.

Aradesh is home to only two jump points, one leading to Kyne, and the other leading downwards towards what is believe to be a dead end, as far as jump points are concerned. As a result, there is little traffic that passes through the Aradesh system.


Surveyed in 2103 CE, the Aradesh System was considered a prime location for the creation of penal mining colonies in the thick asteroid belt surrounding the star. In 2104 CE, the first penal installations came online, as vessels from the Interstellar Patrol took up station to prevent any attempted rescues or escapes. For the first year and a half, the bulk of the refined metals from the mines went to the construction of a nearby orbital fortress, used as a garrison for the patrol and a transfer point for incoming supply vessels.

After the first few asteroids were depleted, the decision to convert them into long-term cold storage was made.



Main article: Isheim

Isheim (PDS1-01) is the sole man-made satellite in the Aradesh System. Constructed solely to provide a local garrison for the Interstellar Patrol, it also serves as a transfer point for incoming and outgoing materials, in order to keep an eye on potential escape attempts.

Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot

Main article: Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot

The Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot is a military depot made from depleted asteroids that have been converted into military storage. The depot is primarily utilized for mothballed vessels, and material stockpiles in the event of an emergency. Sections of the depot were designed as secondary laboratories against the possibility of needing to evacuate scientists and engineers to new locations.

Serenity Base

Main article: Serenity Base

Serenity Base is a classified Internal Security Directorate training facility. Originally piggybacking off the proposal that would later create the Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot, Serenity Base was operational several years earlier.