Serenity Base

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Serenity Base
Location: Aradesh System
Purpose: Training Facility
Activated: 2122 CE.
Controlled By: Internal Security Directorate, The Initiative
For the Interstellar Service's training base, see Tranquility Base.

Serenity Base is a classified facility operated by the Internal Security Directorate. The base is utilized for the advanced training of ISD operatives.


Construction on Serenity Base began in 2120 CE utilizing depleted penal asteroid mines, to piggyback off the efforts to create the Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot. The facility came online in a most basic sense in 2121 CE, with workers being brought in during supply runs to the nearby Isheim (PDS1-01), and being diverted in blacked out shuttles to ensure they were unaware of the site of the facility.

As a result of these security measures, Serenity Base wouldn't become truly operational until 2122 CE. Since then, every batch of trainees has been brought in to the facility under the most extreme blackouts to avoid them being aware of the facility's location. As a result of the extreme training, and of the location, the base is known among the ISD community for it's very high mortality rate.


Serenity Base is designed in a number of layers, with the outer layers having minimal thermal shielding, and being used primarily for storage, and some training exercises. These layers are allowed to remain significantly below the temperature of the inner layers in an effort to use these layers to avoid thermal scans.