Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot

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Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot
Location: Aradesh System
Units: Reserve Fleet
Status: Active
Activated: 2127 CE

The Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot (ADSSD) is a long-term military storage facility located in the Aradesh System. The personnel assigned to the Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot are based on Isheim (PDS1-01).


The idea of the Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot was floated in 2110 CE, when the first penal asteroid mines in the Aradesh System were depleted. It was considered an ideal solution for the storage of mothballed equipment in a system rarely visited, and removed much of the cost of building secured docks either in space or on the ground. However, it wouldn't be until 2127 CE that the first of the mineral-depleted asteroids would be converted into long-term storage for mothballed military equipment, when several of the soon to be decommissioned Swordsman-class cruisers were selected to be mothballed rather than sold or scrapped, against the event of an emergency. Many of the extra fighters and shuttles were stored here as well, with personnel conducting inspections on all of the equipment every five years to ensure it remains in usable condition, as well as performing any upgrades as required.

Mothballed Vessels