Internal Security Directorate

From Beyond the Frontier
Internal Security Directorate
Headquarters: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Language(s): Common
Founded: 2034 CE
Status: Active

The Internal Security Directorate (ISD) is responsible for monitoring activity within The Initiative for internal threats. The ISD, like the Interstellar Service (ISS) is responsible for hunting down pirates, and other renegade factions. Unlike the ISS, the ISD is focused internally and solely on threats from within. The ISD maintains close ties with the ISS, the two agencies sharing information, seeking to aid each other; while the two agencies both analyze information, it is further analyzed by Central Command, with an emphasis on seeking missed connections between information.


The Internal Security Directorate (ISD) was created in 2034 CE when the previous intelligence service, the Interstellar Intelligence Service (IIS), colloquially known as the "Eyes", split apart to form the Interstellar Service (ISS) and the Internal Security Directorate (ISD).

The ISD inherited many of the IIS' duties in seeking out threats from within. A great deal of the ISD's duties focus on monitoring internal communications for threats or plots, given the ability of a single person to decimate entire planets.