Tranquility Base

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Tranquility Base
Location: Sanctuary, Arc System
Purpose: Training Facility
Activated: March, 2022
Controlled By: Interstellar Service, The Initiative
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Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.
  — Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
For the Internal Security Directorate's training facility, see Serenity Base.

Tranquility Base is a training facility operated by the Interstellar Service.


The Interstellar Service's Tranquility Base is located in a remote part of a mountain range north of Terra Casus on Sanctuary, in the Arc System. Originally built and operated by the Interstellar Intelligence Service (IIS), Tranquility Base was built to train agents during the War of Secession, away from possible prying eyes. It was also considered a fallback shelter for military and civilian use in the event of hostile forces landing on Sanctuary.

In 2034 CE, the control of the facility fell to the successors of the IIS, the Interstellar Service (ISS), and the Internal Security Directorate (ISD). In 2122 CE, the facility became operated almost solely by the ISS as the ISD moved to Serenity Base.


The Interstellar Service's "Tranquility Base" is named for the the site of the same name on Luna, where humans first walked on another celestial body other than Earth, in 1969 CE.