Malcom Russell

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Lieutenant Malcom Russell
Name: Malcom Russell
Alias: Mal
Rank: Lieutenant,
Space Forces Command
Position: Commanding Officer,
SFCV K1-34
Species: Human, Male
Born: March 14, 2468,
Emer, Mithus Star System
Out of Character Information
Status: Active
Player: Bailin
Affiliation: Space Forces Command

Lieutenant Malcom Russel is the commanding officer of the SFCV K1-34.

Physical Description

  • Height: 1.80 m (5'9")
  • Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Style: Short Cut


  • Primary: Emer Primary
  • Secondary: Emer Secondary Mining School
  • Military:
    • Aesgard Induction Center
    • Officer Candidate School


  • Mother: Marie O'Donnel
  • Father: Marcus Russell

Career History

  • Miner
    • 31 June 2484 - 20 March, 2488
  • Logistical Manager
    • 20 March, 2488- 26 August 2495
  • Recruit, Aesgard Induction
    • 26 August 2495 - 1 April 2497
  • Systems Operator, SFCV Eclipse (BB2-01)
    • 1 April 2497 - 31 October 2498
  • Systems Operator, SFCV Eclipse
    • 31 October 2498 - 1 July 2502
  • Commanding Officer, SFCV K1-34
    • 1 July 2502

Effective Dates of Promotion

  • Inactive.png - Recruit: 26 August 2495
  • Inactive.png - Ensign: 1 April 2497
  • Inactive.png - Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 31 October 2498
  • Inactive.png - Lieutenant: 1 July 2502

Military Awards and Decorations

  • Deep Space Service Award


Born on Emer, left to join the fleet due to the lacking opportunities and poverty. Malcom was born in a poor family of miners, pretty much the only occupation other than enlistment or crime om Emer. As such Malcom followed in his parents footsteps, working first as a miner and after years of toiling in the mines he managed to get promoted to a managers post. Here he learned the hassle of bureaucracy and acquired his love for a smooth running operation, which resulted in a nice and steady flow of ores being delivered.

However Malcom yearned for more in life than hauling rocks, the occupational hazard of dusty lungs and cave-ins not withstanding and after acquiring some funds over the years made the gamble to enlist in the SFC. At Aesgard Depot he learned the basics of the soldiers life and after the basics he transferred to the SFC for further training, serving his junior officer tours on the SCFV Ecplise (BB2-01).

After some years and being promoted to both Junior Lieutenant and later to Lieutenant he was transferred to the SFCV K1-34, to serve as the commanding officer.

Personality Traits

Likes space, efficient flow of goods, proper whiskey, classical music and chocolate cake. Dislikes cramped spaces, green vegetables, bureaucracy World view: people have their roles and skills. Religion and politics are private things that should not hamper the task at hand.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Mark I USP
  • Logistics
  • Ship command (2nd officer)
  • Piloting (SFCV)
  • Minerals/ores