Second Fleet

From Beyond the Frontier
Second Fleet
Headquarters: Porth Llongau, Loki Anchorage
Size: 39 Vessels
Parent Unit: Space Forces Command
Established: 2024 CE
Status: Active
For other major Fleets in the Space Forces Command, see First Fleet & Third Fleet.

The Second Fleet is the second longest active fleet within The Initiative's Space Forces Command.


The Second Fleet is part of the Space Forces Command, and was established during the War of Secession, in 2024 CE. Originally created as command for newly constructed vessels detailed with defending transports, and training new recruits into the fleet. Following the end of the war, the Second Fleet and First Fleet traded duties garrisoning the Sol System, until The Initiative pulled out . Since the, the Second Fleet has mostly been involved in policing the colonies and hunting down pirates and raiders.

In 2431 CE, following the asteroid strikes in the Mithus System, the second fleet became one of the fleets tasked with garrisoning the system.

Fleet Vessels


Major Combatants


Light Cruisers




Support Vessels

At present the Second Fleet has no support vessels attached to the fleet.