SFCV Revenant

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SFCV Revenant (CL1-01)
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Revenant-class Light Cruiser
Hull Number: CL1-01
Status: Active
In Service: 2354 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Escort
Task Force: First Fleet
Homeport: Arkadia, Egiyr System
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 200 Officers and Crew
100 Marines
Type: Non-Player Controlled
The SFCV Revenant (CL1-01) is the first of the Revennant-class of light cruiser. It was launched in 2354 CE.


The SFCV Revenant (Cl1-01) was constructed in orbit over Arkadia, in the Egiyr System, and was launched in 2354 CE. The ship served as a test-bed for alterations that would be incorporated into the later Revenant-class vessels, before being assigned to join the Fleet. It would be rotated between the three primary fleets, occasionally being detached to lead anti-piracy activity, before being assigned to First Fleet on a semi-permanent basis in the early 2500s.


The SFCV Revenant (CL1-01) was named for the mythological idea of one who has returned from the dead. It set the naming scheme for the Revenant-class light cruisers in using the name or title of an undead or supernatural creature.

Basic Specifications

Main article: Revenant-class Light Cruiser


  • Length: 380 Meters
  • Width: 60 Meters
  • Height: 30 Meters
  • Decks: 6

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: 5
  • Standard: 190
    • Plus another 100 Marines
  • Maximum: 580


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Array

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy with a 0.80 meter thick synthetic diamond sheathe
  • Armor Plating: 0.95 meter Case-hardened Steel, Titanium, & Ceramic Composite Plates

Sensor System

  • Target: Unknown

Defensive Systems

  • Nanitic & Composite Armor
    • Capable of limited self repair via nanites
  • Dual Shield Generators
    • One Primary, One Backup
  • Close in Weapons System
  • Directed EMP Generator (Designed to disable missiles & incoming craft)


  • (??) Anti-Fighter/Missile Close in Weapons Batteries
  • (20) 12-inch Coilgun Batteries
  • (8) 10-inch Coilgun Batteries
  • (8) Missile Batteries
  • (4) Plasma Cannons
  • Cybernetic Warfare Suite

Auxiliary Craft