SFCV Ghoul

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SFCV Ghoul (CL!-03)
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Revenant-class Light Cruiser
Hull Number: CL!-03
Faction: The Initiative
Status: Active
In Service: 2355 CE - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Escort
Task Force: First Fleet
Homeport: Sanctuary, Arc system
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 130 Officers & Crew
40 Marines
Type: Non-Player Controlled
The SFCV Ghoul (CL1-03) is a Revenant-class light cruiser assigned as an escort with First Fleet.


The SFCV Ghoul (CL1-03) was laid down at the fleet shipyards over Arxune, in the Laeth System. It was launched in late 2355 CE, and assigned to patrols along the border of Initiative space, before being assigned as an escort with First Fleet.

Basic Specifications

Main article: Revenant-class Light Cruiser


  • Length: 380 Meters
  • Width: 60 Meters
  • Height: 30 Meters
  • Decks: 6

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: 5
  • Standard: 190
    • Plus another 100 Marines
  • Maximum: 580


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Array

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy with a 0.80 meter thick synthetic diamond sheathe
  • Armor Plating: 0.95 meter Case-hardened Steel, Titanium, & Ceramic Composite Plates

Sensor System

  • Target: Unknown

Defensive Systems

  • Nanitic & Composite Armor
    • Capable of limited self repair via nanites
  • Dual Shield Generators
    • One Primary, One Backup
  • Close in Weapons System
  • Directed EMP Generator (Designed to disable missiles & incoming craft)


  • (??) Anti-Fighter/Missile Close in Weapons Batteries
  • (20) 12-inch Coilgun Batteries
  • (8) 10-inch Coilgun Batteries
  • (8) Missile Batteries
  • (4) Plasma Cannons
  • Cybernetic Warfare Suite

Auxiliary Craft