Roughneck-class Assault Shuttle

From Beyond the Frontier
Class Overview
Name: Roughneck-class Assault Shuttle
Manufacturer: The Initiative
Preceded By: Porter-class Shuttle
Developed From: Porter-class Shuttle
Technical Specifications
Function: Assault Transport
Standard Complement: 4 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Two Weapon Operators)
Countermeasures: Ghost Signature Generator
Footprint Magnification System
Emissions Control System
Armaments: 5x 12.7MM chin-mounted coilgun
Hard-points for ASMs
Shield Generators: Initiative Shield Generator

The Roughneck-class Assault Shuttle is designed as an attack transport, intended for landing in combat zones, and for boarding operations. Because of this, it carries a greater-than-normal number of coilguns, with two on each side and one on the front. These are operated by weapons officers who operate the weapons remotely from the cockpit behind the pilot and co-pilot. Furthermore, it carries a stronger reactive armor than it's base counterpart. While it is not intended for a cargo capacity, it is capable of carrying tanks below in a sling beneath it, though this places it at the limit of it's capacity.

Basic Specifications


  • Length: 16 Meters
  • Width: 7 Meters
  • Height: 4.8 Meters

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: One
  • Standard: Three (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Loadmaster)
  • Maximum: Variable (Dependent on variant & loadout)


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thrusters

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Cell
  • Secondary: Solar Panel Arrays

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy with a 5.08CM synthetic diamond sheath
  • Armor: Synthetic Diamond Plating, Heat & Energy Resistant Ceramic Plating

Sensor System

  • Target: Unknown

Defensive Systems

  • Composite Armor
  • Close in Weapons System
  • Ghost Signature Generator
  • Footprint Magnification System
  • Radar Absorbent Coating
  • Reactive Armor Plating


  • (8) ASM/Bomb Hardpoints
  • (5) 12.7MM nose-mounted coilgun
  • (1) Grappling Hook Launchers

Other Systems

  • Emissions Control
  • Belly Mounted Magnetic Docking Clamps
  • Belly Mounted Soft-Seal Hatchway (intended for rescue & boarding operations, it can form a seal against any almost any surface)