Cypher-class Intelligence Vessel

From Beyond the Frontier
Class Overview
Name: Cypher-class Intelligence Vessel
Manufacturer: The Initiative
Developed From: Rider-class Courier
Active: Classified
Technical Specifications
Function: Electronic Warfare & Intelligence Vessel
Size: Length: 120 Meters
Width: 24 Meters
Height: 12 Meters
Standard Complement: Ten (2x Pilots, 2x Engineers, 8x Intelligence Officers)
Hull: Titanium Alloy, with a .25 meter thick synthetic diamond sheath
Auxiliary Craft: 2x Ghost-class Stealth Shuttles

The Cypher-class is designed as a dedicated intelligence vessel, for monitoring communications, and electronic warfare. In an emergency, it can also serve as a mobile base for small intelligence teams conducting operations in an area.


While the Interstellar Service (ISS) and Internal Security Directorate (ISD) both utilized modified Rider-class Couriers for their operations, they found that the requirements of many of their operations meant that the Rider-class was insufficient for their needs, and turned to the Military Arms Research Service (MARS) to design a new class for their needs. The first Cypher-class vessels were commissioned in 2185 CE, almost twenty years after the introduction of the first Rider-class vessels.

Basic Specifications


  • Length: 120 Meters (394')
  • Width: 24 Meters (79')
  • Height: 12 Meters (39')
  • Decks: 3

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: One
  • Standard: Ten (2x Pilot, 2x Engineer, 8x Intelligence Officers)
  • Maximum: 150


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Cells

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy, with a 0.25 meter thick synthetic diamond sheath
  • Armor Plating: 0.25 meter of Case-hardened Steel, Titanium, & Ceramic Composite Plates

Sensor System

Auxiliary Craft

Deck Listing

  • Deck 1: Cockpit, Crew Compartments, Armory, Mess Hall, Infirmary, Operation Compartment (Upper Half)
  • Deck 2: Forward Storage, Reactor Compartment, Hangar Deck, Aft Storage, Operation Compartment (Lower Half)
  • Deck 3: Cargo Bay (Forward), Deployment Bay, Cargo Bay (Aft)