Reentry Vehicle Single Occupant

From Beyond the Frontier
Class Overview
Name: Reentry Vehicle Single Occupant
Manufacturer: The Initiative
Variants: Reentry Vehicle Equipment And Resources
Technical Specifications
Function: Reentry Vehicle
Standard Complement: One
Countermeasures: Chaff, Flares
Hull: Titanium Alloy, Ablative Ceramic Plates

Re-entry Vehicles (Single Occupant), often referred to by it's initials "REVSO", is carried by Dragoon-class Assault Transports, as well as other similar vessels. REVSOs are used to deploy troops from atmosphere to a planetary body. REVSOs utilize a series of ablative plates that burn off during re-entry to protect the occupant from the excessive heat of reentry. To protect the occupant from ground fire, the pod carries light armor plating, with chaff and flares to confuse thermal imaging and radar, while using radar absorbent materials to hide the actual pod itself from radar. While the occupant is within, they are kept up to date with information from a series of largely passive sensors embedded within the surface of the pod.

Basic Specifications


  • Height: Three Meters
  • Width: Two Meters
  • Depth: Two Meters


  • Minimum: Zero
  • Standard: One
  • Maximum: Two

Power Plant

  • Battery

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Case-hardened Steel
  • Armor Plating: Ablative Ceramic Plates, Ablative Aluminium Plates, Radar Absorbing Materials

Sensor Systems

  • Numerous Cameras, Thermal Sensors, Lowlight Cameras, Signal Receivers

Defensive Systems

  • Armor Plating
  • Radar Absorbing Materials
  • Sensor Jammers (Dependent on Mission Parameters)
  • Chaff
  • Flares


  • Wide-dispersal Antipersonnel Mines (intended to clear the landing site; optional on mission parameters)

Other Systems

  • Parachute (For occupant or craft as needed)