Egiyr System

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Egiyr System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: 2283 CE
Colonized: 2304 CE

The Egiyr System is a major transit and trading hub for The Initiative, and has served as the springboard for a number of later-wave colonies.


The Egiyr System was first surveyed in 2283 CE, and was considered a vital location for later colonization due to it's proximity to a number of more distant systems. It was also considered vital due to it's Earth-type planet, Arkadia, as well as its resource rich asteroid belt and planetoids.


Eigyr One

Eigyr One is a molten world, located too close to its star to be worthwhile inhabiting. It has no atmosphere, and is too hot to land sensors to fully investigate.

Eigyr Two

Eigyr Two is a Venusian planet, with an atmosphere too hot for colonization, with a hostile chemical makeup that would require atmospheric suits at all times. Limited automated probes have discovered some unusual minerals in the soil, but a followup was made impossible by conditions on the planet.


Main article: Arkadia

Arkadia is a late second-wave colony, colonized in 2304 CE, twenty-one years after the planet was first surveyed. As a Earth-type planet, Arkadia required little specialized equipment to make settlements habitable on the surface. The planet would be the site of numerous pirate attacks during its initial colonization period.