Aditi System

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Aditi System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Seven
Jump Points: Three
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: 2474 CE
Colonized: 2485 CE
Abandoned: 2503 CE

The Aditi System is on the edge of colonized space, and is home to one of the newest colonies, Taelbern.


The Aditi System was first surveyed in 2474 CE during another wave of expansion by The Initiative. The system would see little in the way of activity beyond mining and scientific expeditions until 2484 CE, when Colonial Authority (CA) engineers would arrive in system to begin laying the groundwork for a follow-up colonization effort the following year. The Aditi system would have a largely unremarkable history until the 2490s when several criminal syndicates began using abandoned CA outposts as staging points for smuggling efforts, and eventually raids. In 2501 CE, after efforts to track the raiders were successful, Space Forces Command dispatched a small task force to deal with the criminal syndicates. The system would remain quiet, with little in the way of remarkable events until April of 2503 when all travel to and from the system abruptly ceased.

Jump Points

Name Control Travel Time Notes
Arkan System The Initiative TBD
TBD Uncontrolled TBD
TBD Uncontrolled TBD Unstable Jump Point

The Aditi system is home to three jump points, of which two lead out to as-yet unoccupied space. At preset, efforts to explore beyond Aditi have been slightly hampered by instability of one of the outward-facing jump points, leading to concerns over vessels attempting to pass through.


Aditi One

Aditi One is a small planetoid orbiting the Aditi star at a distance of only a few hundred thousand kilometers. Aditi One is a barren planet, with a surface temperature enough to partially liquefy the surface of the planet.

Aditi Two

Relatively warm when compared to Taelbern, Aditi Two remains uninhabited because of the rugged terrain all across the planet. Mountain areas, deep cliffs, huge swathes of isolated areas, unsuited for farmland or industry. All-round, the climate is habitable, but there is little to comfortably colonise and form for urban areas or farmland to support large bodies of population.

This did not stop all colonists determined to remain or claim independence. As such, around 300 people have successfully made Aditi Two their home, considering the rich ground, and raw material-heavy mountains. They are mostly located together, with a rough two hundred located in the largest habitable area, they have made a small settlement capable of sustaining themselves, and have recently started trading with Taelbern.

Aditi Three

Aditi Three is a mineral-poor planetoid, largely ignored by the rest of the system in general. It is notable, however, for a major gash along the northern hemisphere, in the form of a three and a quarter kilometer deep trench. Surveys of the trench have revealed materials from non-native ores, but nothing conclusive.

Aditi Four

Aditi Four has little in the sense of habitable ground. The hard, rocky surface makes it hard to cultivate farmland or cattle, and there isn’t much to build a solid foundation on. As such, this planet is mostly just used as a waste-disposal or waystation for storage, which the criminal syndicates used to its full advantage There have been several instances of GFC forces and Naval conducting raids on these caches. Recently, in 2501, a large raid was conducted, which all but eradicated the active criminal leadership of the syndicates. Since then, however, crime is rising once again, albeit from the shadows and in utmost secrecy.


Main article: Taelbern

Taelbern is the fifth planet in the Aditi System, and home to the majority of the system's populace. Taelbern is an Earth-like world, home to 48,000 people. It is the Aditi system’s most populated planet, and as such, is also the current (and probably future) central hub of the system. Although it has a cold climate, it is still habitable enough despite the cold, year-round.

Aditi Six

Aditi Six is colder than Taelbern, rendering it almost completely icy, almost all-year round. As such, it is not habitable, and as such, is being used for covert training. Not much is known about this planet to anyone not having the correct authorizations. Traffic near this planet is strictly supervised, and only elite soldiers are allowed to set foot on the planet’s icy surface for a special training course

Aditi Seven

Aditi Seven is a small, rocky planet. It's too small to support an atmosphere. However, a small orbital platform is built around the planet to support planetary mining operations.

System Defense Force

At present the Aditi system lacks a System Defense Force, with security being provided by the Colonial Security Force's naval arm.

Civilian System Patrol

The Aditi System has two vessels attached to it's official Civilian System Patrol, both of which are decommissioned Swordsman-class cruisers assigned to a civilian interstellar firm with a facility located on Taelbern.

Notable Inhabitants