Kessen System

From Beyond the Frontier
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Four
Controlled By: Talros Theocracy
Surveyed: 2087 CE
Colonized: 2100 CE
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The Kessen System is the seat of the Talros Theocracy, and home to the holy planet of Isard.


Originally surveyed by the Ranger Exploration Corps in 2087 CE, the Kessen system was designated a mid-priority system for colonization because of a moderately resource rich asteroid belt and habitable, if unpleasant, planets. As a result of this, the system would see only scouts passing through for more than a decade, until an independent colonization team arrived in 2100 CE.

The system would remain largely unremarkable until shortly after the Sovereign Colonies Conflict, more than a century later. When the Talrosian Doctrine first began to spread on Kapu, in the Alendiel System, the movement found far greater acceptance in the Kessen system. Following the end of the conflict, the Kessen system broke away, and the Talros Theocracy was founded.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Kalnius System Talros Theocracy TBD

Orbiting Bodies

Kessen One


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Isard is the capitol of the Talros Theocracy. Isard orbits slightly too near to the star, resulting in a rather warm atmosphere, with prolonged summer heat waves. as a result, the planet has extremely high water rationing, and imports much of it's water from the nearby planet of Ius.


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