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Star System: Kessen System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Condition: Habitable
Control: Talros Theocracy
Interest: Capital of the Talros Theocracy

Isard is the capital planet of the Talros Theocracy.


Initially explored in 2087 CE by The Initiative's Ranger Exploration Corps, Isard is a harsh and unforgiving planet. Largely comprised of desert and rocky scrublands, with interspersed mountains, the planet is habitable only under the most strict definitions of the word. Much of the world's breathable air is created by the minimal amount of desert-dwelling and cave-dwelling flora that exists on the planet. Initial efforts to colonize the planet in 2100 CE were met with limited success, and managed to establish several outposts, along with a rudimentary attempt to begin to terraform the planet, based on the efforts undertaken on Arxune. However, these managed to release small lakes of water onto the surface, as well as a limited number of acidic lakes that formed in regions too hostile to support life already.

In 2239 CE, after the abortive Sovereign Colonies Conflict, the planet was overwhelmed by an influx of refugees, who would soon become the dominant population on the planet. With their arrival, the planet's infrastructure was forced to rapidly expand.