Talrosian Doctrine

From Beyond the Frontier

The Talrosian Doctrine is the central guiding philosophy of the Talros Theocracy.



According to the teachings of the Doctrine, an unidentified individual was stranded after engine troubles over the deserts of Kapu, in the Alendiel System. They wandered the desert for several days under the heat of the sun, with no shelter or supplies. In the heat of the sun, they were granted a vision from an alleged higher power, guiding them to a cache of pre-War of Secession religious materials in a nearby cave. Sustained by an aquifer and cave-growing flora, they were able to regain their strength. Subsequently able to make their way back to civilization, they began teaching of the supposed divine intervention that had saved them, and teaching of the artifacts they had found. With the benefit of introspection and the guidance of a higher power, this survivor spoke of ways to reconcile the differences of the disparate older religions. The teachings took root within some, though not all, of the traditionally conservative, isolated, and modest communities within the deserts of Kapu, before spreading offworld to neighboring systems.

With the spreading of the teachings, the crowds adopted the wanderer as a prophet, and began attempting to convert more individuals to their belief. After a series of clashes with believers of other religions, the planetary government of Kapu began to step in, enacting a series of strict laws that were intended to curb the spread of this newly-formed religion. Appealing to the central government of the Initiative, the Senate of the Initiative stepped in, reversing these laws. Believing that allowing the unchecked spread of the newly-minted Talrosian Doctrine would present a danger, the planets of Kapu, Tien, and Arshile declared themselves the Sovereign Colonies, leading to open rebellion. While the Initiative stepped in to restore order, the survivors of the purges by the Sovereign Colonies fled to the Kalnius System, along with many sympathetic to their cause, and would form the Talros Theocracy.

Once within the Kalnius system, they located a desert planet similar to Kapu. Taking this as a sign of guidance, these refugees established a colony. Over the years, many wandered into the deeper deserts of this new homeworld, hoping to be blessed like the first prophet. Of these, several returned from the desert claiming to have experienced visions and other supernatural occurrences. Some, though not all, of these would be incorporated into the beliefs, helping shape the culture of the Theocracy.

The origin of the name is, at this time, unknown, but believed to stem from the surname of the first Prophet.


The Talrosian Doctrine merges numerous belief systems dating back to Earth into a single belief system. To reconcile these disparate beliefs, new texts were created, bridging the often contradictory stories of those religions. From various religions, various gods became "angels" beneath a single mutli-faceted, multi-named deity, opposed by an equal multi-faceted, multi-named opposing entity, though some sects of the Talrosian Doctrine view this as simply another aspect/identity of 'god', rather than a separate individual. To incorporate and reconcile the beliefs of rebirth and renewal, numerous angels and facets of god were said to have died and been reborn anew under different names and personalities. The beliefs of an afterlife were retained, though altered into series of rebirths and renewals that would as the souls of the dead would work towards creating their paradise or place of eternal torment, depending on the final disposition of their soul.