Echo Drive

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Echo Drive
Technical Specifications
Also Known As: Quantum Entanglement Communications System
Created By: Unknown (The Initiative)
Intended Purpose: Near-Instantaneous Communications & Data Sharing
Status: In Use

The Echo Drive is a near light-speed communications network, in use by The Initiative. The system is comprised of thousands of Quantum Entanglement Communicators (QECs) mounted aboard almost every government vessel, platform, outpost, in addition to every planetary capitol. The system relies on messages being sent to the nearest QEC node, where it is then relayed through the hub on Sanctuary, to it's final destination, either on Sanctuary, or to the QEC nearest the message's destination for rebroadcast. While available for use to civilian users for a minimal fee, each node is equipped with numerous built-in AIs to prioritize government transmissions based on need and emergency situations. These AI also serve to combat viruses or hostile intrusions as needed, and can shut down parts of the network as needed to ensure the integrity of the entire network.

Due to it's reliance on rebroadcast, the system typically has noticeable delays between anything beyond a few light-seconds of the nearest node in message traffic. While not noticeable for static messages, dynamic messages such as live video take noticeable hits in quality and lag the further the messenger and recipient are from their respective nodes. A variation of this system is used by other powers and factions in the galaxy, and typically do not integrate with the Echo Drive system.