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Location: Dwyn, Mithus System
Population: 400,000
Status: Inhabited
Founded: 2411 CE

Parkerston is the capitol city of Dwyn in the Mithus System.


Parkerston was founded in 2411 CE, when the planet would be formally colonized. Parkerston serves as both the planetary capitol, as well as the capitol of the system. The city rapidly expanded, with a large industrial base to support the asteroid mines located further out in the system from the planet.

In 2431 CE, a portion of Parkerston was flattened by asteroid strikes, destroying much of the governmental district, and causing widespread chaos across the city. Dust from the strikes killed off many of the surface-growing crops and blocked out light to many of the city's photo-voltaic cells, throttling the city's power grid. The city eventually recovered, but came under the governance of the Colonial Authority in 2434 CE, followed by a garrison from the Ground Forces Command being stationed because of it's increased crime rate.

Notable Inhabitants