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Controlled By: Empire of Tensa
Location: Sojourn System
Units: Sojourn Border Guard Force
Status: Active
Activated: March, 2241 CE

Sojourn-135 is an orbital facility within the Sojourn system, operated by the Empire of Tensa. Sojourn-135 operates both as a border checkpoint, as well as system control for any Tensan forces within the system.


Excavation of the initial stages of Sojourn-135 began in 2241 CE, with the barest level of habitable space finished later that same year. Originally starting solely as a small checkpoint for incoming vessels, the base began expanding rapidly to include storehouses for equipment for outgoing vessels, launch platforms for interceptors, and limited defensive armament. The facility would eventually be deemed complete by 2250 CE, when the last section of tunnel within the asteroid was finished.


Sojourn-135 is tunneled from the rock of an asteroid, resulting in inconsistent sizes of sections and modules. From observations of passing crew, spies, and long-range visuals, the oldest section is centered around the reactor core, located as close to the center of the asteroid as possible. Clustered around it is the original crew quarters, and control center. As successive sections were tacked on after the fact, armor plating was added to the crew quarters and reactor, while additional space was dug out further along the asteroid. Sections originally used for storage were expanded, and given separate airlocks of their own to serve as hangar bays for short-range space superiority fighters, while new storage sections were excavated, and sensor pickups moved further along the asteroid's surface. More recently, docking tubes were added to the surface, to allow for ships to dock with the asteroid, rather than the previous method of using shuttles or spacewalks to transit between the asteroid and any vessel coming to it.