Sojourn System

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Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: None
Controlled By: Empire of Tensa/The Initiative
Surveyed: 2202 CE

The Sojourn System is one of only two systems with jump access between the Empire of Tensa and The Initiative, leading to them being designated as border worlds. Because of Sojourn's lack of habitable planetary bodies, and being relatively mineral poor, Sojourn was designated a border system between the two factions.

Jump Points

Name Control Average Travel Time Notes
Tensa Empire of Tensa 4 days, 6 hours to 6 days, 8 hours Capitol of the Empire of Tensa
Durga System The Initiative 6 Days, 11 hours to 8 days, 16 hours

Sojourn is notable for it's rather limited number of jump points, as well as it's position between the Empire of Tensa and The Initiative. The area beyond Sojourn is often referred to by the galactic community as the "Tensa pocket", as little is known about the stars beyond the Empire of Tensa's colonized systems, with only two systems leading to Tensa being Sojourn and Limbo referred to as the "Twin Gateways".

Each jump point from Sojourn is guarded by the faction located through that respective jump point.

Orbiting Bodies

Initiative Controlled

Main article: Sojourner

The sole Initiative point of control within the system is the deep space platform Sojourner, a Shogun-class Deep Space Platform, that controls a network of Watcher-class Deep Space Weapons Platforms.

Empire of Tensa Controlled

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The Empire of Tensa's sole point of occupation is a large asteroid located in orbit around the jump point to Tensa, referred to as Sojourn-135 (for being the 135th orbital body surveyed by the Ranger Exploration Corps in the Sojourn system). Sojourn-135 was hollowed out after the formation of the Empire of Tensa, and serves both as a military checkpoint for civilian ships passing between the two factions, as well as a supply depot for outbound vessels.