Church of Sol

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Church of Sol
Language(s): Common
Leader(s): Solarian
Founded: 2113 CE
Status: Active
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The Church of Sol is a religious organization within The Initiative and several other factions that views the Sol System as "holy ground" that must be rediscovered.


The Church of Sol was established in 2113 CE, viewing the Sol System, and subsequently Earth, as being "holy ground", viewing Sol as the first star that humans looked upon and the source of the human race. After several decades of fundraising, the Church attempted to set out a number of craft to scout for Sol, which had been wiped from all human maps, but their efforts were blocked by governmental order. Over the years, the Church has attempted on numerous times, to be stopped each time. While allowed to exist by the government, the Church and government have a less-than-cordial relationship.


Church of Sol

The "Church of Sol" is the primary bulk of the church, setting up temples across human space, and attempting to convert worshipers. The church raises funds, and takes part in a number of charity work, gaining converts on poorer planets at an alarm rate.

Children of Earth

The "Children of Earth" is the militant arm of the church, providing security for missionaries. While well-equipped compared to some mercenary forces, the Children of Earth (COE) are subject to many of the same laws governing ordinary civilians, and are prohibited from owning certain classes of firearm.