Midnight Sun-class Cruiser

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Class Overview
Name: Midnight Sun-class Cruiser
Manufacturer: Empire of Tensa
In Commission: Unknown
Planned: Unknown
Completed: Unknown
Active: Unknown
Decommissioned: Unknown
Destroyed: Unknown
Technical Specifications
Function: Cruiser
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The Midnight Sun-class of cruiser is the mainstay of the fleet of the Empire of Tensa. While officially classed as a cruiser, members of this class are often utilized as flagships for the noble houses, as well as forming the backbone of most patrol forces. To this end, they have often had their main armament or propulsion replaced or augmented by the noble house fielding them, leading to no two of the class being exactly identical.


The first five members of the class were laid down in early March of 2281, with the prototype vessels being ready for service in 2286. The first few years of their service was fairly uneventful, until the start of internal conflicts in 2291 as the Tensa Collective reformed itself into the Empire of Tensa. Although the class distinguished itself well, ultimately two of the original five vessels were lost during the conflict. The remaining three taken by the new Emperor, Charles Hakim to form the core of the royal family's fleet. These, however, would be passed onto the other noble houses, in rather poor condition, as newer, less worn-out vessels to roughly the same pattern were constructed. In the interest of maintaining good relations with the other noble families, roughly half of the second run of vessels were distributed among the noble houses, although placed under the command of the royal family, to serve as a safeguard against potentially encroaching forces from The Initiative.

Basic Specifications


Crew Complement


Power Plant

Hull Composition

Sensor System

Defensive Systems


Auxiliary Craft

Other Systems

Known Vessels

At least one of the Midnight Sun class was lost during the civil war with rocked the Empire of Tensa in late 2503.

  • Operated by the Royal Family
    • Unknown
  • Operated Noble Houses
    • Unknown